Sunday, April 24, 2011

Creating the Award Winning Design - Day 1

With the big IWCE show in Vegas coming next week, I am going to continue my series of posts about creating my design that will be displayed there.  I can't believe the big show is here already! 

We arrived rested and bright eyed on Friday morning, eager to get started. 

From left - front row: Terri Booser (CHF), Elizabeth Gerdes (A Stitch Above); second row: Sue Fresconi, Liz Hawkes (Windows by Liz), Monique Becker (Becker Window Fashions), Debra Martin (Debra Martin Designs) and Sheri Stouffer (Finishing Touches)

When we entered in the CHF workroom on Friday, we each found a worktable set up with all our fabrics, hardware, and embellishments.  It was exciting to see for the first time the "ingredients" of all our treatments. 

Beautiful silk fabrics provided by Greenhouse Fabrics, hardware provided by Orion, and
 nailheads provided by Diamond Head UT

While I can't reveal my entire design until it's unveiled in Vegas, I can show you some of the components.  My design has BLING in it!  All of the fabric, hardware, and embellishments for our treatments were generously supplied by industry vendors.  My treatment included sparkly crystal nailheads which were supplied by Diamond Head UT. 

Diamond Head Upholstery Tacks

My treatment also has big sparkly finials!  When I designed my treatment, I knew immediately that I wanted to use crystal finials on it.  I was already familiar with Orion's products, having seen them in a design showroom and then using them for a client's project.  In my mind, nothing else would do but the Bohemia crystal finials from Orion.  I was delighted to find out they had agreed to provide them for me.

Beautiful crystal finials from Orion's Bohemia Collection

Did you know they make drapery hardware that looks so much like jewlery?  With hardware like this, I couldn't resist striking a pose!  It doesn't take much for me to "ham it up" for the camera. 

If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it!

Do you love "bling"?  I would love to create a spectacular treatment for your home!  Contact me at 314.324.5972 or to get started.

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  1. Great idea on the post series Lois; it will be so much fun for all of us to follow along! I love bling too so really look forward to the big "reveal"!!