Monday, April 18, 2011

At last....embroidery!

For quite some time now, my emboidery machine has merely been a decoration in my workroom.  I finally made time to re-take the "learn how to use your machine" class where I purchased it, and am proud to announce that Rylie Max Studios now offers embroidery!

I learned that there's much more to creating successful emboidered designs than meets the eye.  You need to choose the proper stabilizer and thread as well as use the proper sized hoop for your fabric and design.    Who knew there were more than a dozen types of fabric stabilizers?

My embroidery machine does ONLY embroidery and no regular sewing - since I have 5 other sewing machines, I think I'm covered on the sewing part.  :)  As I wanted to focus mostly on embroidering words or single letters for my projects, I purchased special software to increase the capabilites of my machine.  So when I begin an embroidery design, I create it first on my computer, and then transfer it to my machine.

The pictures below show my first embroidery project after taking my class.  I had already done some window treatments and chair cushions for this client, and wanted to give her a gift to coordinate with her cushions.  What better than a small monogrammed pillow? 

Completed embroidery at the machine


Completed pillow, ready to fill with pillow form

Can you see the zipper hidden in the bottom seam?

 Finished pillow

Mrs. "M" was very happy with her pillow.  And I am ready to monogram anything I can get my hands on!

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  1. Beautiful job!! I love Monogramming! and awesome job on that zipper!! :-)