Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Creating the Award Winning Design - last day

We worked HARD on Saturday - 8:00 am until 11:00 pm!  We were starting to feel a little worn out by Sunday.  But - while we all still had a lot of work to do, it seemed doable (is that a word?).

I had another challenge come up with my crystal buttons.  My design had the crystal buttons attached elsewhere and again, I couldn't get them tight enough.  So we came up with the idea of propping up the buttons with a small "yo yo" of fabric behind it.  They look like sparkly flowers to me.

Crystal button with yo yo

The yo yos worked well, so I made them for all the other places where the crystal buttons were attached.  They are all hand stitched.

All my little yo yos, waiting to be attached to their crystal buttons.

Yo yos and crystal buttons on lower section of panels

Closeup of buttons and yo yos on lower section of panel

My treatment includes a checkerboard cornice with padded silk strips of fabric weaving the checkerboard.  It is embellished with crystal nailheads.

Checkerboard cornice with crystal nailheads

Closeup of cornice with crystal nailheads

After all the treatments were complete, we packaged everything up to be shipped to Vegas.

All packed up, ready to go

We were all proud of a job well done!

From left:  Monique Becker (Becker Window Fashions), me, Debra Martin (Debra Martin Designs), Elizabeth Gerdes (A Stitch Above), Liz Hawkes (Windows by Liz), Sheri Stouffer (Finishing Touches), Sue Fresconi, and Terri Booser (CHF)

...but we were a little tired!

The International Window Covering Exposition opens today and all the CHF Alumni Showcase designs will be unveiled there.  If all goes as planned, I will have another post later today LIVE from the Expo!  Thank you for reading.

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