Thursday, March 10, 2011

I've gone to the dogs!

OK, well, those of you who have known me for a while know that I "went to the dogs" a long time ago!  But this is a little different.

My good friend Leslie Gallager (owner of K9z Etc.,) has a very cute Dachsund named Claudia.


Leslie found an adorable canopy bed online for Claudia and then it was my turn to create bedding for "Princess Claudia".  Leslie chose a great teal cotton print for the mattress and a shimmery, sparkly blue and green sheer for the canopy.  Here's what the bed looked like before.

First, I upholstered a board to lie underneath Claudia's cushion so she wouldn't fall through the metal bars.

Next, I made a cushion for her to sleep on and of course, a pretty pillow for a head rest!

The finished product with sheer curtains

Crown on top of bed with pretty sheer fabrics

When Leslie came to pick up the bed, she cried when she saw it!  The bed was a Christmas gift to her daughter, as Claudia is "her" dog. 

Do you know a doggie princess who needs a throne? Call me and I will custom design one for you!

To learn more about Leslie's pet sitting and training business, you can view her website at

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